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January Newsletter




Election of Officers

 Positions where filled at our annual general members meeting which took place .

 Roster for 2016:

 President: Matt Hanneman 715-572-7475

Vice President: Craig Dakins Sr. 715-213-4763

Co-treasures: Gary Martin 715-424-1763 and Mike Bohn 715-340-9085

Co-secretaries: Josh Sanger 715-570-6045 and Mark Mischnick 715-325-2750


Board Members: Dean Applebee 715-323-2476

                             Brian Schuld 715-570-3542

                              Craig Dakins Jr. 715-213-8028

                              Nick Hanneman 715-424-4128

                              Patrick Eckelberg 608-343-6859

                              Jerry Rucinski 715-213-5145

                              Roger Rucinski 715-213-7129

                              Mike Panko 608-215-3336

                              Dave Klingforth 715-421-9823


Time Keeper: Dave Klingforth 715-421-9823

Score Keeper: Mike VanDreel 715-341-8465


All the titles listed above are very important to the club’s success.  Your efforts are appreciated and constant, current, engagement is needed.  Thank you.


Winter Kid’s League

The indoor Kid’s league will begin on .  Hours throughout the league will be from to .  The cost is $3 per child.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  Neither children nor parents need to be members to attend.  Antler Archers has equipment to borrow if needed.  As in the past we are looking for old trophies to distribute to participants at the end of the league.  Again, Mike Bohn will be in charge of the league, so any questions can be directed to him at 715-340-9085.

Winter Adult Leagues

All winter leagues will begin during the first full week of January 2016.  Questions can be directed to any board member or officer.  If you know someone who may be interested in participating in a league, encourage them to do so.  We are always looking for new faces to strengthen the club.  A weekly winter schedule remains the same as in years past. 


MONDAY: nothing scheduled

TUESDAY: nothing scheduled

WEDNESDAY: 3-D and novelty, contact Roger Rucinski 715-423-9147

THURSDAY: Circles, contact Matt Hanneman 715-572-7474

FRIDAY: nothing scheduled

SATURDAY: Kid’s League in the AM

SUNDAY: Open shooting, , call the clubhouse during these hours at


Persons who wish to help out with these leagues by scorekeeping, bartending, etc, can earn hours towards open access.


Open Access

To gain Open Access to the indoor facilities, a member must complete 25 total hours, of which 8 hours must be obtained during a sanctioned “shoot”.  Letters will be sent out to those members who met the hour requirements during 2015, giving Open Access during 2016.  Upon using the indoor range via your Open Access, all shoot fees are still required to be paid.  Any question pertaining to the Open Access program should be referred to an officer or board member. 


Open Shooting

The clubhouse will opened up on Sunday’s during the winter from to .  This could be an opportunity to make up a score, practice, or show a nonmember the facilities.  Open shooting is now open to the public.  Jon Englbrecht has volunteered to open the clubhouse for open shooting.  He can be reached at 715-459-4435 or call the clubhouse direct at 715-424-2222.  Normal shooting fees apply.  The first Sunday will be January 10th and run through March 13th

Non-members and Open Shooting

Current members who wish to bring out non-members to have them shoot or show them the facilities are encouraged to do so.  Non-members are welcome to shoot on Sundays, league nights, and shoots, but will need to pay the non-member fees associated with each.  Questions can be directed to officers and board members. 


Work Hours

ALL MEMBERS, in order to keep your annual membership fee at $35, are required to complete 4 “shoot” hours.  These hours can be achieved by signing up to work a sanctioned shoot.  There are many opportunities for people to gain the 4 hours.  Members can enlist to work by signing up to work in the “sign up book” located behind the bar or by contacting an officer or board member.  Members who do no wish to complete 4 shoot hours will pay an annual fee of $75.  Antler Archers is essentially paying you $10 an hour for you to help with a shoot.  As stated previously, members who go above and beyond are eligible for Open Access (25 hours total, 8 shoot hours).  A “work hours incentive program” has been initiated to encourage participation.  Members with a minimum of 25 hours will be given a raffle ticket for every 5 hours worked after that.  These raffle tickets will go into a drawing, to be picked at the Venison Feed for cash prizes.  Members who refer new members will also be included in a drawing on the same date. 


Venison Feed

This year’s Venison Feed will be held on Saturday, March 19th.  Doors open at , and dinner at .  As in the past, bring a dish to pass and your own table service.  To donate venison please have it brought to the clubhouse no later than Thursday, March 10th.  There will be free beer and soda until the beer is gone, after that, beverages will be offered at a discounted price.  Awards will be given out during the event for various events from the previous year.  As in years past, the club is looking for donations for raffle prizes for both adults and kids.  This year’s proceeds from the raffle will go to Dale and Lisa O’Keefe, who were both injured in a motorcycle accident last year.  Dale and Lisa both served as officers and board members for Antler Archers, and we are looking to help them offset medical costs resulting from their incident. 

Buck Awards

If you bagged a buck or other game animals during the archery season, contact Scott Walker at 715-423-6421, or put your name on the list posted in the clubhouse, to receive recognition.  The notification deadline is February 15th.  If this is your first buck, you will receive a plaque and a tag on it for this years buck.  After that, you will receive just a tag noting that year and size of buck to place on that plaque.  There is also a Big Buck Contest.  Your horns must be scored in order to participate in this contest.  Questions on the Big Buck Contest can be directed to Mike Bohn. 


Tree Cutting

The harvest of downed to trees for personal use firewood can begin when the ground is frozen.  Wood must be cut and loaded on the spot, and vehicles must stay on the path.  Clean up of any tops and branches is a top priority as well.  Absolutely no exceptions.  Questions can be referred to Roger Rucinski.


Membership Forms

Membership forms are required to be filled out annually by everyone.  Dues will also be paid at this time.  If you are unsure what you owe for your membership

($35 or $75), please contact our timekeeper, Dave Klingforth.  Once your membership dues have been paid, you will receive an updated membership card for the 2016 year along with an updated combination to the front gate.  Information regarding membership cards can be directed to either secretary.  PLEASE BE PROMPT IN PAYING YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR THE YEAR!


Points of Interest   

-Antler Archers has a Facebook page, be sure to “like” us and check it out

-We also have a new and continuously updated website

-The club is still looking for volunteers to become licensed bartenders.  All it takes is a simple course on the internet and Antlers will reimburse you.

-A 3-D target sponsorship program is in place to help offset the costs of purchasing and maintaining targets.  If you personally or know of a business who would like to sponsor a 3-D target please contact an officer or board member.

-Crossbows have become a hot topic as of late and Antler Archers does allow them to be shot at the outdoor practice range only.

-Antler Archers will be hosting a “Sportsman’s Night Banquet” on .  The event will be hosted at Wild Horse Saloon in Kellner.  Anyone who would like to purchase a dinner ticket or like to volunteer to help the night of, please contact Gary Martin or Jerry Rucinski.


Message from the President

Again as stated in the previous newsletter, I want to take the opportunity to thank all the members who have volunteered their efforts the past year.  From the shooting platform project to the new 3-D course layout, and even the upgrade of the indoor lighting, many man hours have been tapped to make all these a reality.  It is very humbling to see the members who show up to make projects like the ones listed above possible.  It seems that on a weekly basis, something is changing around the property for the better.  Even the smallest efforts do not go unnoticed.  As we move into 2016, I look forward to serving as President of club again and promoting the sport of archery.  If at anytime you have a concern, comment, or idea, please don’t not be afraid to reach out to me, as the satisfaction and enjoyment of our members is my goal. 


Thanks again and shoot straight,


Matt Hannema

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